Certificates of Deposit

Minimum balance to open:
     $2,500 for three to six  month terms.
     $500 for over six month term.

     Choose from terms of 3 months up to 5 years. Please
     contact the bank for our current rates.

Interest Payments:
     Add back to certificate:
     At maturity only on 6 months terms or less.
     Quarterly over 6 months terms.

     Pay by check:
     Monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly.

     Pay by deposit:
     Monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly.

Special Certificate:
     The Easy Riser Certificate has a term of 24 months.
     This certificate has a one time option to the customer to      change the rate on their CD to the rate we are then paying      on a CD with a 24 month term.

     We will impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the      principal before the maturity date. For time deposits less      than 12 months, one months interest on the amount      withdrawn. For time deposits 12 months and over, three      months interest on the amount withdrawn.

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